NetEnt Casino Withdrawal Methods

More important than being able to deposit funds into a casino account easily is to be able to withdraw winnings from the account easily. All NetEnt casinos offer a range of payment methods to players; some of them can be used to withdraw winnings from their casino accounts. The operative word here is ‘some’; not all NetEnt casino banking methods support withdrawal. 

NetEnt Casino Withdrawal Times

Withdrawal Methods Available at NetEnt Casinos

The withdrawal methods vary from one NetEnt casino to another. This could be because of numerous reasons, including, among others:

  • The personal preference of the operator: Certain operators choose to provide specific operators, while some others may offers a larger number of options.
  • The geographical location of the player: The casino may support a withdrawal method but it may not be visible to him as the country he is based out of doesn’t permit that option. Many NetEnt casinos’ settings are tuned such that the moment you enter your country information only the payment methods permitted in your country appear on your screen.

Every NetEnt casino offers a specific number of withdrawal methods to players. The most commonly found withdrawal methods at NetEnt casinos include, among others:

Credit and debit cards:

The commonly available credit and debit cards for withdrawal at NetEnt casinos are:

  • Visa credit card
  • Electron


The most commonly available e-wallets for withdrawal at NetEnt casinos are:

  • NETeller
  • Skrill
  • Click2Pay
  • PayPal

Prepaid cards:

The prepaid cards that are sometimes available for withdrawal include:

  • Ukash
  • EntroPay

Banking methods:

The banking methods available for withdrawing winnings from NetEnt casinos usually include the following:

  • Bank transfer
  • Bank wire
  • E-checks
  • Regular checks

How to Withdraw Winnings at NetEnt Casinos

Withdrawing winnings from a NetEnt casino account is a relatively simple process. It takes a little longer than the amount of time taken for depositing funds into a NetEnt casino account.

  • The player clicks on the Cashier/Banking section of the casino.
  • He chooses the withdrawal option available there. A list of withdrawal methods is displayed.
  • The player selects the method he wishes to use.
  • Next, he gets into the verification and confirmation process. Depending on where he wants to withdraw the winnings to, he confirms the following information:
    • Bank details: This is required if the player wants to withdraw the money to his bank account. These details include:
      • The name of the bank
      • The player's account number at the bank
      • The name of the account holder
      • The player's date of birth as shown in his bank account
      • The registered address on the player’s bank account
      • Routing numbers
    • Credit card details: This is required if the player wants to withdraw the money to his credit card account. The details required usually include:
      • Credit card information, like card number, etc.
      • Billing address associated with the card
  • The player can also opt to use an e-wallet, in which case he does not have to provide any financial details to the casino.
    • He is taken directly to the website of the chosen e-wallet and the transaction is processed there.
  • Once the casino has received confirmation of the player’s details, it takes a while to process the request.
  • The casino usually has in place a ‘reversal period’, a period of time for which it keeps the process open to enable the player to cancel the withdrawal request if he wishes. This is done because once the withdrawal request is processed by the casino, canceling it is not possible.
  • After the reversal period has passed, the casino approves the withdrawal and the money is remitted to the player’s account.

Casinos usually charge a fee for processing a withdrawal request, as most withdrawal methods – e-wallets, cards, etc. – have their own processing fees.

Turnaround Times for Withdrawal at NetEnt Casinos

The amount of time it takes for a withdrawal request to be reach the player's account after it has been processed and approved by the casino is referred to as the turnaround time. The turnaround time at NetEnt casinos depends on the payment method chosen:

Credit cards:

The withdrawal turnaround time for credit cards is usually a maximum of 72 hours from the time the withdrawal request has been approved by the casino.


The turnaround time if the player is using an e-wallet varies depending on the specific e-wallet being used.

  • E-wallets like NETeller, Skrill, or Click2Pay can take anywhere between 24 hours to 72 hours.
  • There are some casinos nowadays that offer instant withdrawals with e-wallets.

Prepaid cards:

Prepaid cards have a slightly longer turnaround time compared to credit cards and e-wallets. Ukash and Entropay have a turnaround time of between 1 to 5 working days, or 24 to 120 hours.

Banking methods:

The turnaround time for banking methods varies depending on the banking method being used.

  • Wire transfers usually take between 72 hours to 120 hours to reach the player's account once the withdrawal request has been approved.
  • E-checks take more or less the same amount of time, though it could be slightly faster.
  • Traditional checks take the longest time. From the time the withdrawal request has been approved by the casino, the turnaround time may be as less as a few days or as much as a few weeks. The time in this case mainly depends on two factors:
    • The player's location
    • The speed of the postal service being used

Some of the newer NetEnt casinos like Casumo and Mr. Green promise faster withdrawal times. Casumo casino in fact guarantees faster withdrawal turnaround times. The casino promises to close withdrawal reviews within a maximum of 23 hours. The following are the promised withdrawal turnaround times at this NetEnt casino.

  • Credit cards: The turnaround time for a credit card withdrawal request is between 1 to 3 working days after approval.
  • E-wallets: The turnaround time for withdrawals using Skrill or NETeller – post the approval of request – is instant.
  • Banking methods: All banking methods have a withdrawal turnaround time of between 1 and 3 days from approval of the withdrawal request.